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Enmore Services Managed Web Support

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This Managed Web Support demonstration site is a portrayal of the use of the service by an entirely fictitious company called Acme Tech.

The web site allows anyone interested in assessing the service to login to the Acme Tech on-line support system, as if they are one of several users that would use the system, i.e either a customer, supplier, development associate or internal Acme Tech user working remotely, and to explore how each user is permitted a different level of access to the system.

Once logged in, whilst individual users gain access to their individual information and features, all users are provided with additional 'commentary' information on the background context for this Acme Tech usage example and how the imagined service was designed and deployed. Additional commentary is also provided in each area of the demonstration to expand upon the usage example and expand upon individual activities.

Please contact us for more details about gaining access to this demonstration site or click on the "HOME" submenu item above to access the Enmore Services' main marketing web site to learn about the full range of services available from Enmore.